Ride the WIND!

I have a notion that there is a parallel between how we Christians live our lives and, how we worship God. We seem to “feel” most fulfilled when we finish our day exhausted from, what we call “productive activity.” God forbid that we would be found to be leisurely enjoying  making our way through a day with time left o…ver.  I believe our culture (the ruling “world” system)has taught us that busy and motion are a badge of progress.The desired goal for the end of our soul-satisfying,  check mark filled day, is to, upon review of our 2 page “To do” list,  notice, with a deep sense of exhausted achievement, that each item has been dutifully checked as we crash onto the bed.Carolyn and I have visited a lot of churches since leaving the full time pastoral ministry. “Worship,”we  discovered, has many diverse meanings. One church illustrates the extreme of what we found to be the accepted pattern for a “Worship Service” in most Charismatic and/or Evangelical Bible Churches.  To say the least, they are culturally relevant as it relates to being fast-moving  and loud. (ie 98-101 decibels) It left us breathlessly reeling for a break in the action. Frenetic sensory overload crashed into our brains as a frantic cacophony of words to the songs, swirling  graphics, images, and scenery scrambled to chase each other across the stage via the 4 huge video screens.We didn’t know what to hear or see first, or…at all! By the time we got adjusted, they had taken the offering, made another mad dash through the loud music and fantastic graphic filled announcements, and a musical selection, and the Pastor was almost finished with his sermon. Now, fully adjusted, we prayed a quick prayer and, being careful to stay in the flow, hurried to the car, to quickly talk over what we had just experienced.Maybe we should expend some of that “hurry-up” energy on “…resting in Him to know the quietness and confidence that brings us the strength of the Lord.”Because, “…righteousness will bring Peace. It will bring quietness and confidence forever.”(Isaiah 30:15; 32:17) Ride THE WIND across the bridge between your head and your heart, and recapture the pure joy quiet meditation.