This is a very personal story. A few days after the following email exchange, Jon DeBruyn entered into the joy of the Lord – permanently! This exchange of email was between our friends Dick and Dee Sochacki about a Pastor friend of theirs. Carolyn and I have been impacted deeply through the privilege of interceding for Jon until his death. His wife, Mae wrote June 21, 2013:
Last week…I was sitting by Jon’s bedside. He said, “Are you ready to go?” “ Where are we going?” I asked. “Well, we are here by the river and all the kayaks are ready. Look at that Blue group over there.” I let it rest, but later that afternoon, as I lay by his side, he started talking kayaks and groups again. “That Blue group is really big. The Blue group is reality. They’re the friends and family, the moms and the dads. They are real. Look at that Yellow group over there. That is really a small group.” “Who are they,?” I asked. “They are the head-in-the-clouds group. They are the healing group. But, it’s a really a small group. Then, there is that Green group over there.” (He had a bit of exasperation in his voice.) “Who are they?” I asked. “The ones who say everything is to make you grow. Every experience makes you grow.” (Once again, the exasperation. I think Jon has not thought of this whole cancer experience as one that is making him “grow.”) He went on… “And then, there is the Red group.” “Who are they?” To my surprise, he said, “They are the Damn It! Group. You know, the anger. The angry ones.” “May I be part of the Damn It! Group for awhile?” I asked him. “Yes, that’s ok,” he said.
At any rate, I know that through this journey, I have been in each of these groups except the Green group. I know that will come in time as well. I just want to thank you all, no matter which kayak group you may be in at the moment, for taking this journey with us and continuing to pray us through. We Love you!
I immediately emailed my friend Dick: Thanks for continuing to share Jon and Mae’s story. Carolyn and I have been challenged to pray with you and Dee for them. I believe we are getting an inside glimpse of The Church through the eyes of the Father, as Jon comes nearer to being in His Presence – permanently! The groups of kayakers, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Red, are groups definitive of what I have “seen” in my spirit for years. Thus the book, “God’s PASSIONATE Desire…for Unity in The Church!” Oh, how His heart must break over our seeming determination to be “the most right” group in His Church. I believe Jon is seeing in the Spirit as the Father is seeing us. ( I know that medical people call them “hallucinations,” but, they are visions from God, nonetheless.) Oh Jesus, shake us into living in Your realm so we will see as You see, and be willing to pay the same price of LOVE You continue to pay for that to become a reality.
Thanks, Dick. I really don’t know what else to say!! We will continue to cry out to Him!
I encourage you to continue RIDING THE WIND so you will “see” as He “sees.”