“MY SITUATION IS DIFFERENT than everyone else! My psychiatrist said he had only encountered two other life stories as devastating as mine. Though I was, at that time, a growing Christian, I felt like all the Biblical principles I had been taught weren’t working for me. Overwhelming clouds of shame, guilt, and condemnation continued to engulf my soul. It just wasn’t working at all. But, thank God for my Christian family and friends who, like a rock, were steadfast and unmovable in their love and hope in the midst of my struggles.” ( A real-life story)

What often seems like a stand-off with hope, “hope deferred” is usually born in the crucible of unfulfilled, broken and seemingly impossible shattered hopes and dreams. Things like: the death of a loved-one, the failure of a marriage, a friendship, a business, a promise you haven’t kept, a promise made to you that hasn’t been kept, a still unanswered prayer, a misunderstood conversation, false accusations, and…so many other personal and unresolved issues you have worked so hard to settle for the sake of the glory of God.

So, your dream is DEAD and you fear it’s all over for you! Oh No! This place in your life doesn’t make you a bad person. You are not lacking in being a “good enough Christian.” You are human, and Almighty God’s unquenchable love for us highly flawed human beings, says, “Fear not; you will no longer live in shame. Don’t be afraid; there is no more disgrace for you. You will no longer remember the shame of your youth…for the Lord has called you back from your grief…He says, ‘yes, I did briefly leave you (to deal with it alone), but, with great compassion I take you back.” ( Isaiah 54: 4,6,7 )

What a powerful insight into God’s love. Love is the foundation stone for the staggering power of hope. Our hope does not depend on our determination to “stand strong and believe;” rather, it depends upon God’s faithfulness to love us unconditionally…ALWAYS! Run; mind, emotions, and will, run to Him and deliberately, out-loud, choose to receive His unquenchable love; HOPE IS NOT FAR BEHIND!
PRAYER: Father, YOU are the source of all hope. I pray you will fill me completely with joy and peace, because I am committed to trust in YOU. And I thank YOU for the renewed confidence YOU have given me through the power of YOUR Holy Spirit!” Amen!