CELEBRATING HOPE December 16, 2013

DAY 29

WHY IS IT SO NECESSARY TO CELEBRATE HOPE? The “good news” of hope in God, is “Fear Not!” The hope of all the world, Jesus Christ Himself, came into a world dominated on every hand by fear! The Bible tells the story of the coming of the “good news,” in the person of the baby Jesus. In every incident on record surrounding His coming, fear was the first thing heavens’ messenger, Gabriel, had to address. It seems that suddenness, and the unusual, in the reigning culture of fear, had resulted in causing almost everyone to be a bit skiddish. Gabriel’s appearances evoked the same fearful response from everyone; “Don’t be afraid!” Admittedly, much of the fear was the sudden appearance of heaven touching earths fear circumstances.

As it is in our culture now, the citizens were facing some pretty drastic and unnerving happenings; the uneasiness of yet another war, in a chaotic and hostile world, the credibility of a once trusted government, the incivility and unkindness of a once more gentle society, the highly questionable instability of the economy, and, most disturbing of all, the corruption and lawlessness discovered in the temple of God. They felt they had good reason to be afraid!

Then came the long anticipated announcement, the promised messiah is coming! Further, when He actually did come into their fear dominated world, they couldn’t be sure. Everything they had trusted as a sure thing, looked to them like all of it was in the stage of final failure.
“Fear not!” “Welllll, … why not?” “Because, I AM with you. Don’t be dismayed.”
“Fear not!” “Why not?” “ I AM your God!”
“Fear not!” “Why not?” “I keep My promises!”

Truthfully, only the words of scripture are powerful enough to change your mind and therefore, your life. Life-giving words like; “ I will uphold you with My righteous right hand,” “Don’t be anxious about your life,…” “Cast all your anxieties on Him, and He will care for you.” So then, why am I afraid? The Lord Himself promised to protect me!

The hard truth? I am not as confident in Him as I pretend I am. I really want to be, but…I’m not perfect. Great news! You don’t have to be perfect. Just willing! Jesus has freed you from having to keep those, and any other expectations. He is looking for what He knows you CAN do – choose to trust Him, and…do it.

He will take it from there and change your life! CELEBRATE your HOPE in God!

PRAYER: It’s true, Lord. I am a fraidy cat! And, more often than not, the real truth is, I trust me more than I do You. Please forgive me. Like the man in the Bible, I cry out to You, “Help my unbelief.” Amen.