A Clear Prophetic Picture of the Church !!

It’s been a week since Dave Brat won the primary run-off in Eric Cantor’s Congressional District in Virginia. Dave Brat, an unknown Christian, who feels it is God who called him to enter the Congressional race, says that he is now responsible to HIM, not the party. Eric Cantor candidly admits he lost because he became a party man rather a constituents man. An Establishment man, who forgot his base back home.

This could be the beginning of a turn-around for America. There is so much more to this story. It is and will be, played out before us. As you watch and pray this election season, this and other stories will continue to reveal the condition of The Church, especially in America. So, let’s watch together, and learn that the heart of God is for drastic transformation of the church for the end times!

Here is what I see in the Spirit so far. Dave Brat represents the base of the authentic Church in America. These are the genuine Christians. The people who understand, and walk in the message of new birth that requires a total re-formation of their life; A total exchange of my life replaced by God’s life, not merely a Christian-looking make-over! They live, move, and have their being in the necessity of repentance and obedience, a life of choosing holiness, prayer and Intercession, leading friends and relatives to Jesus. For the most part, they either attend a church that needs the message and life-style they walk in, and they quietly live it, serve it, and pray for it to come to their “House.” Or, they can’t find a church that tries, at least, to live and teach that way, so…they meet with a few friends to encourage one another in the Lord. They, like the new believers in the Church in Acts press on, despite the Pharisee Church, that holds on, ever more tightly, to their politically correct and culturally relevant message and life-style.

That is the church Eric Cantor represents. The church establishment! The “Christians” who have settled-into that oh, so comfortable self-centered gospel that affirms seeking the god of more personal benefits that will accrue without any personal sacrifice or cost…and, worship the god who offers “freedom” without consecration…and offers faith that you can receive without having to give…anything! The good ‘ol boy establishment church!!

But, there is an unknown and unrecognized Kingdom Church out there, the BASE, the remnant, that are owned by the Lord! All they desire is HIM. For them, He alone is God. He can do what fulfills His ultimate intentions, even if they require deep commitment and personal pain and sacrifice on their part. As they rise even higher in their Kingdom life-style, a drastic clash will be initiated from heaven (Dave Brat’s unexpected and overwhelmingly miraculous win) that will create a great separation between genuine righteousness and religious righteousness. People will be required to choose; will it be on earth as it now is? Or, will be as Jesus taught, “…on earth AS IT IS IN HEAVEN,” beginning NOW?? MORE NEXT TIME… ( More to come!!!)

The Prophetic Picture (continued)

The big question now is, “Is Unity possible?” politically and…more importantly, Righteously? Politically, it is a huge challenge. The present divide widens daily, because there will be more drastic earthshaking challenges.

If “the establishment” digs-in, resenting the encouraging message of authenticity, integrity, accountability, and God-fearing truth-telling, even to his own hurt, the Dems will keep winning. The unwillingness to stand against, and separate themselves from, the compromises made for personal gain and self-centered personal advantage, will continue to demonstrate both the obvious sameness of the personal and political motive; “ I and my party have very little concern for foundational Judeo-Christian values or the ultimate well-being our nation. It’s ultimately about me.”

Righteously, if the Kingdom- minded “base” holds on to their understanding that “the establishment” is the major reason for the influence, impact, and impartation of this dead-end and dysfunctional philosophy that seems determined to “…kill, steal, and destroy…God’s intentions for our nation, then, we may have an opportunity to experience the possibility for unity!

The religious establishment –Pharisee Church, in its efforts to look like, act like, be like, both “parties,” looks like a time Israel faced when they were brought to a point that drew the angry responses of the prophets. Elijah rose up against Israel in their deepest, darkest season of debauchery, “How long will you hesitate between two opinions? (1 Kings 18:21) America and the Church, is in that same season. It’s time for extreme distinctions to be declared.

It’s time for strong boldness, individually and corporately. Ultimately, the ever widening gulf between the Pharisee Church and the Kingdom people of God, will require a clear choice between the present day, culturally relevant and compromised Church, and the Kingdom of God Church, that is the living expression of the culture of heaven, “…on earth as it is in heaven.” That separation is necessary to the fulfillment of God’s plan to Transform His Church through “the restoration of all things,” (Acts 3: 20-23) preparing it to be re-formed (Reformation)into His end time Kingdom Church order. Yes, Lord!! ( More to come!!!)