Pastor Paul, as he is affectionately known, has been married to, and in pastoral ministry with his wife Carolyn for over 56 years. During those fruitful years, they discipled and trained pastoral leadership for planting many churches,  sent out from those churches, numerous well equipped missionaries,  and spiritually “parented” an unknown number of mature spiritual leaders for ministry in the kingdom of God.

Their own two sons are the first-fruits of that spiritual heritage. The proud grandparents of four young adults, and great grandparents to 1 kindergartener, the Bersche’s enjoy the privilege of having created an on-going Christian Heritage for the next generations of the Bersche family.

As an author, Pastor Paul has written four books, and numerous booklets related to a passionate pursuit of God. He continues to write fervently about the things that consume his heart; an intense and purposeful love for God, being a living story of all we say we believe, and the unity of the Church. The deep desire of his heart is to live long enough to see that unity become a living reality that “…the world will know…” Jesus came just for them.

Pastor Paul and Carolyn thrive on teaching about the power of God to transform broken lives into the wonderful testimony of His saving and healing power. Their warm and transparent passion is simple, direct and life-changing. They sincerely believe that the living Word of God is all the Holy Spirit needs to provide God’s solutions of Hope for troubled lives.

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  1. Just reading through your older book, Is There a Father in the House? –and LOVE it! Thank you for sharing this with the Body of Christ. It is a timeless word.

    Bless you!

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